Whether we like to think about it or not, there are a wide range of contaminants, invisible to the naked eye, that can invade our drinking water. While these instances of contaminants, bacteria and disease only come to mind for most Americans when they’re on vacation in another less developed parts of the world, the truth is that they can also exist here in the U.S.  Modern sanitation systems help remove these instances of bacteria, contaminants and disease from our water before we can be impacted. However, when these systems fail or are circumvented by outside factors, very real harm can can and often does occur..

Water filtration and purification systems are  squarely aimed at these types of microscopic dangers lurking in the water supply of our cities nationwide. Unfortunately, though, there are instances where dangerous substances make it through to the end user, straight from the faucet. When this happens, very real medical concerns can arise that require immediate action. Those most vulnerable to bacteria, contaminants and disease making their way into the drinking water include children, seniors and those with weakened immune systems. For them, this problem can quickly become a matter life or death.

One instance of how bacteria can quickly become dangerous when present in the water system was on full display in Flint, Michigan, during their water crisis. A 2014 outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease was found to have been preventable and resulted in a number of people becoming dangerously sick, while others actually died from it.

Legionnaires Disease Genesee County

This is, of course, extremely tragic, and obviously, wholly unacceptable. That it can, and does, occur under preventable circumstances is completely unacceptable. The duty to keep a community safe from disease, contaminants and bacteria is the responsibility of several, differing governmental departments and offices; when these systems fail, there is no answer that can be considered acceptable.

If you've been injured or damaged by disease , contaminants or bacteria in your community's water, contact us today. Doing so can serve as a first step to getting the assistance and legal counsel you deserve for the problems and trauma you have suffered.

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