The unfortunate reality is that, for almost all Americans, it’s easy to take for granted our easy access to safe drinking water. Whether for cooking, drinking, bathing, etc., access to drinkable water has been a mainstay in our country for decades. Drinking water is so accessible that campaigns have actually been started to reduce the waste of water when Americans leave faucets on while brushing their teeth, starting a shower and more. However, a number of communities have faced the wakeup call of having no safe drinking water in recent years at an alarming rate.

Contaminated drinking water goes far beyond an ongoing inconvenience. While bottled water is a poor substitute for what should be an easily accessible option, the reality of contaminated drinking water is harsh. First and foremost, the amount of time that passes from when the public is unaware of contamination is critical. Exposure to contaminated water can lead to a wide range of significant health problems in children, adults, seniors and those with fragile health; when a warning is delayed, insurmountable damage can occur.

Contaminated drinking water can involve any of the following:

  • Industrial chemicals, waste, machinery
  • Human waste
  • Failures in water treatment
  • Environmental disasters
  • Water table exposure (leaking underground tanks)
  • Delayed boil warnings
  • Infrastructure failures (lead pipe erosion, broken lines, etc.)
  • Bacteria or harmful diseases introduced to the source
  • And more!

Each of these examples ties back to a specific institution and department that is expected to oversee the safety of the community. Contaminated drinking water is not acceptable in today’s America and it is important for those who have suffered damages to have their legal rights protected. While the inconvenience of contaminated drinking water can be significant, there is very real harm that can come about, including lost earnings or wages, deteriorating physical health and even death.

For more information about your family’s rights in the wake of a contaminated drinking water episode, contact us today. Doing so can help in securing your options moving forward, as well as ensure that a legal professional can help you fully document your damages moving forward.