By now, most people are well aware of the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon event where several individuals were killed and countless gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. What many people do not know is the amount of lives this tragedy ultimately impacted.  Ranging from businesses based upon Gulf tourism, the fisheries and seafood-focused industries impacted, or those businesses relying upon the waters for continued success, the BP oil spill was a massive problem for a community more wide-reaching than the damage to the coast, itself.

Unlike some of the other situations we have profiled on this site, the BP oil spill had an impact on the local water, which was less about health problems created and more about the businesses impacted. As wildlife and Gulf Coast animals died off, creating tragic situations for fishers and eco-centric businesses alike, various other industries suffered. Ranging from oil transportation companies to tourism entities, as well as land developers, land-owners and more, this oil spill touched far too many lives. A recent news story out of New Orleans noted that the losses suffered by the fishing industry alone totaled almost 100 million dollars. While a fund was eventually created to rectify the matter, the sheer amount of instability created for Gulf Coast residents was far too significant.

Recovery after something like the BP oil spill can be extremely difficult. Beyond the emotions involved, the financial impact of such a situation upon those affected can be nearly impossible to quantify. However, those impacted are expected to use spreadsheets and claim forms to describe just how much harm was caused. Even with help from an accountant or business professionals, remembering all of the differing ways in which a life or business has been impacted is rarely simple.

Our firm has experience helping project future costs due to an incident with far-reaching consequences. Working with legal entities well-versed in addressing the wide-ranging financial impacts an oil spill, water contamination, business interruption, etc., can have, we are confident that we can help you get through the initial shock of what has happened and begin paving the way for the recovery process. While the emotional toll an incident like the BP oil spill can have is not easily recovered from, navigating the red tape and confusing elements of a recovery claim also require careful, thoughtful consideration from an experienced legal professional.

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