The BP Oil Spill placed a bright light on an issue very few people had considered: beyond the environmental damage caused, what other ways can an industrial issue create problems? Unfortunately for too many Gulf Coast stores and groups, the cost of water contamination went beyond health issues and impacted their ability to do business.

A wide variety of businesses can be disrupted due to water contamination. Industries and businesses impacted can include:

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants/Food manufacturing
  • Industrial plants/manufacturing
  • Commercial businesses
  • Small businesses (staffing shortages, owner illness)
  • And more!

Each of these types of business relies upon access to clean water to continue. Tourism and hospitality-driven businesses experience drastic drops in revenue when people become aware of a problem in a city or community and no longer visit or frequent their establishments. What’s more, manufacturing can be hampered significantly if their goods, edible or not, rely upon clean water for production. 

Fortunately, there are legal principles in place to help those who have been hurt financially due to contaminated water. The first step for any person who suffers economically due to contaminated water is to speak with an attorney that has experience in handling this uniquely challenging type of litigation. Doing so can help not only in documenting losses, but also in identifying methods of recovery in the present, and for the years and decades to come.

For more information on how to begin your recovery for economic damages caused by a wide variety of issues related to the water in your area, contact our offices today. It is important to realize that those responsible for your community’s contaminated water are not going to willingly hand you the means to recover and, instead, will more often force us to do so through litigation. A lawyer can help you in determining next steps for you, your business and/or your family.