"What's in our water?" A question that is troubling to us all, to say the least. Water, a part of our lives at almost every turn, is something we so often take for granted. Unfortunately, far too many communities have faced questions about what’s in their water. These questions can range in severity, but all center on a very real, understandable concern about what we are putting into our bodies with every dinner, every shower, and every glass we drink…

A crisis involving the water supply can be, and often is, a community-wide catastrophe. Impacting schools, homes, medical facilities, factories, local businesses and more, questions surrounding what’s in the water can have far-ranging implications. General inconveniences are already a problem when it comes to hazardous materials in the community’s water, but the possibility of long-term health implications, even death, is plainly tragic.

Being forced to question what’s in the water or what you’re not being told about when drinking a seemingly harmless glass of water is not acceptable. Whether lead, contaminants, byproducts of fracking, oil, chemicals, waste… a community’s water should be clean from any harmful level of these dangerous items. When problems occur, whether man-made, industrial byproduct, contaminant, etc., a community will be inconvenienced at best and dangerously harmed in more severe cases.

Our goal with this website is to profile emerging examples of hazardous community water, as well as to provide information to communities facing catastrophe due to negligence. If you’re worried about what’s in your water and feel that you are not being helped, contact us today. We can not only investigate what’s in the water, but also help in protecting your legal rights for the costs you have faced and any harm you and your loved ones may have suffered.

For more information on how we can help you and your community, please call us toll-free at (844) 820-0675 or fill out our online form. For more information about how we have helped parents of children who have suffered injuries due to preventable circumstances, a problem that unfortunately faces many communities with contaminated water, you can visit our website here.

Live in Flint, MI? Visit our dedicated website FlintChildren.com to learn more about this very avoidable and preventable man-made catastrophe at Flint.