As you navigate our site, you’ll likely see us frequently reference water contamination. While this may seem to be a rather broad idea, water contamination can be boiled down to a very real problem: a failure on some, or multiple levels to provide the community with safe water. Proceeding through our site, you’ll see how such a failure can impact an area and its’ residents in a wide range of ways,  affecting families and community members that rely upon clean, safe water every day.

Water contamination can happen in so many ways that the very topic could keep you up at night. This is not hyperbole or intended to scare but, instead, to highlight the wide range of problems associated with contaminated water. Whether it is an industrial spill or a broken pipe requiring a boil warning, contaminated water is a serious issue that may only impact a community for a day or could reveal a critical and extended period of exposure with resulting harm. What is critical is the response by government and organizations when water contamination is initially suspected.

The contamination of the community’s water supply may not, unfortunately, be realized until the damage, quite literally, has already been done. Far too many catastrophes are connected to an incident occurring weeks, months, even years previous. The reason is that a range of water contamination events can take place without a visual trace; the problem, all too often, cannot be seen by the naked eye. As a result, issues like underground tanks or pipes spilling into the surrounding area, bacteria leaching into the system, contaminants entering the water table are just some of the more common, though less obvious ways in which water contamination can take place.

Water contamination today is often treated as a mere inconvenience requiring bottled water, boiling and patience. Unfortunately, this is not the case for too many communities. Gaps in time between suspicion, discovery and solutions lead to tragic consequences, impacting the health of pregnant women, children, senior citizens, and those with health issues or even everyday adults.

If you, your family, loved ones or your business have been impacted by water contamination, it’s important to not delay in taking action. Contact our offices today by calling (844) 820-0675 or filling out our contact form in order to preserve your legal rights. Regardless of whether your losses were health-related or business-specific, it’s important that you take action today in order to prevent the harm of the past (and future).

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